Tuesday, 24 January 2012

If I die, it's because I've overdosed on all my coffee!

Check out all the coffee that showed up at my door! I was dreading getting out of bed because I had run out of coffee and cereal, and when I went to check the mail, to my surprise there was five boxes full of coffee just sitting there!

Here's your goodie! Be sure to enter this contest every chance you get, you never know!

Grand Prize Drawing Prize: ONE (1) GRAND PRIZE: $50,000. Approximate Retail Value (�ARV�): $50,000 USD.

Instant Win Game Prizes:
ONE (1) FIRST PRIZE: ThinkPad X1 laptop. ARV: $1,246.50 USD.
ONE (1) SECOND PRIZE: IdeaPad Z570 laptop. ARV: $799 USD.
ONE (1) THIRD PRIZE: IdeaPad Z470. ARV: $640. USD.
ONE (1) FOURTH PRIZE: ThinkPad tablet. ARV: $499 USD.
ONE HUNDRED TWENTY (120 FIFTH PRIZES: $15 Amazon.com digital gift card code
Limit: One (1) Instant Win Game Prize per person. The Total ARV of Instant Win Game Prizes: $4,984.50 USD.

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My Best Wins

Greetings and Salutations!

   I'm not sure how you found my blog but I'm sure glad you did. I don't want you to confuse me with just another average blogger out there. Everything you see in that above picture I managed to win off the internet somehow.. I have literally won at least  +$20000 worth of stuff in the last seven years. Most recently I just won an $11, 000 trip for 2 through Bluewater Adventures! (more about that trip here)

   I have won so many things over the years, this picture here seriously only scratches the surface. I've sold, and given away so much stuff, now it's time to show you good folks how you can become winners too. You seriously need to follow this blog. This isn't just a haphazard attempt to create a blog just for fun, I'd really like to show everybody how easy it can be to win online contests, where to find coupons, and  the best freebies.

   This is going to be a fun ride! Stick with me and you'll be a winner in no time!

   Now to prove that I'm not all talk, is something to get you started!

Game begins at 10 am EST each Day until 10 PM EST 
There is a limit of three (3) prizes per person, per email address for the duration of the Promotion
    1 Prize of $100,000  
     500 prizes of XXL Mugs (set of 8) + Coolbag
     900 prizes of Loacker Sampler Box "KissingKids"
    900 prizes of Loacker Sampler Box "KissingKids"

      If you want to win, you have to enter, enter, ENTER!

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      Winning Big, AKA 'The big dirty'

         The people that know me, know that I win a lot of shit. Recently I've won an $11,000 trip for 2 to explore the northern coast of British Columbia (Chatham Sound) by Zodiac and kayak, as well as the Khutzeymateen grizzly bear sanctuary.


         This trip is through Bluewater Adventures. They have been operating for over 35 years, and offer a variety of adventures throughout BC and Alaska. Their tours help raise environmental  awareness, and they have a number of eco-initiatives. Please, check them out here!

         It's funny to see even my most privileged friends get green with envy when I show them what I've won. People think I'm extraordinarily lucky, the truth is, luck has nothing to do with it.

         If you'd like to know more about how I won this contest, and good contests to enter to win good prizes like this, please follow my blog!

         I have won and given away so many things over the years. This started out with freebies and coupons to help relieve our financial situation at home, and now I have developed a passion for contesting. Everyday holds a new surprise in the mail, I can never quite know what might come next.

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