Tuesday, 24 January 2012

If I die, it's because I've overdosed on all my coffee!

Check out all the coffee that showed up at my door! I was dreading getting out of bed because I had run out of coffee and cereal, and when I went to check the mail, to my surprise there was five boxes full of coffee just sitting there!

Here's your goodie! Be sure to enter this contest every chance you get, you never know!

Grand Prize Drawing Prize: ONE (1) GRAND PRIZE: $50,000. Approximate Retail Value (�ARV�): $50,000 USD.

Instant Win Game Prizes:
ONE (1) FIRST PRIZE: ThinkPad X1 laptop. ARV: $1,246.50 USD.
ONE (1) SECOND PRIZE: IdeaPad Z570 laptop. ARV: $799 USD.
ONE (1) THIRD PRIZE: IdeaPad Z470. ARV: $640. USD.
ONE (1) FOURTH PRIZE: ThinkPad tablet. ARV: $499 USD.
ONE HUNDRED TWENTY (120 FIFTH PRIZES: $15 Amazon.com digital gift card code
Limit: One (1) Instant Win Game Prize per person. The Total ARV of Instant Win Game Prizes: $4,984.50 USD.

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  1. I could use that much coffee just to get through a week of blogging. Thank you for the follow. Followed you back.

  2. how much more awesome would that be if it was all beer.

  3. Wow, I wish I had some of that coffee right about now :P

    +1 follower!

  4. While coffee is great, that would be pretty dank if it were all beer :p

  5. Jeezus, mind if you share some of that coffee? :D

  6. I just discovered this blog and am now following you! Bring on the contests!!

  7. Thats lot of coffee! Enjoying some Nescafe right now + Follow :)

  8. My god, I cannot comprehend what I'd do with all that coffee

  9. Wow, that's a lot of coffee hehe + following :)

  10. omg so much delicious coffee

  11. Contests make me feel rich. I don't know why, but thanks for this.

  12. What a ridiculous amount of coffee!